Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

     Our BI & Analytics practice uses information as a strategic weapon to transform businesses; embeds analytics in operational systems and business processes to help companies realize the true value of their data; brings deep functional knowledge that accelerates the generation of domain-specific insights from information & analytics and employs advanced, well-tested, technologies to address challenging problems for our clients.

    We have a team specialized in data analysis & advanced analytics, who apply their knowledge to solve specific business challenges.

    • Data collection and profiling

    • Statistical methods

    • Computational methods

    • Insights and recommendations

    • Emerging techniques

    We address these trends by involving a well-defined process of using analytics to identify opportunities for value creation, demonstrate quick wins and scale solutions to meet the needs of the business. We first define challenges and develop hypotheses and models iteratively to refine them. These refinements would be done through targeting quick hits and pilot tests. After that we establish sustainable analytics automated processes by enabling frontline users with analytics recommendations. And then following the success of existing initiatives, we develop markets or use them in a new business unit.

    We draw upon multiple tools and techniques:

    • Increase revenue

    • Improve customer experience and loyalty

    • Optimize operating and capital efficiencies

    • Lower costs

    • Institutionalize an analytics capability

    Our Service Offerings:

    • Data services – Jumpstarting data exploration and analytics with an expansive store of integrated datasets
    • Benchmarking services – Driving deeper understanding of industry performance and levers can help companies grow
    • Market influence and innovation – Partnering with world experts in data and analytics to deliver market-tested research and innovation
    • Research and analysis – Conducting research and analysis across client issues, emerging trends, and key cross-sector topics
    • Analytic apps – Accelerating client insights via the delivery of productized applications of data and analytics