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Client Stories

The following stories are examples of strategic clients successes. Get the full story when you contact us.

Improving the Effectiveness of Our Marketing Processes

Our marketing processes were inefficient and ineffective. We could have four different sales reps talking with the same customer and none of the reps would know about the others. Our goal was to be more efficient and more productive. Salesforce was one of the tools we planned use to meet that goal. In addition, we spend a lot of money on marketing and we had no way of proving that we were getting a return on that investment. We wanted to connect the dots between what we spent and our results.

Our major concern about the development side of the project was our lack of resources. We needed a partner to be successful

We interviewed several firms. We understood that many firms over promise and under deliver. I wanted a consultant that would be honest. Wilco Source demonstrated that. They were forthright. They told us what we needed to look at for the long-term. We trusted they would be honest with us through the process.

Wilco Source exceeded our expectations. They delivered what they committed to. They were available to us any time day or night – even on short notice. That was important because we are a global company and needed to have meetings at all hours. In addition, they were very fair in their billing, they did not nickel and dime us – they went the extra mile.

We met our systems development goals on time. In part, we were successful because of the Wilco Source team work ethic. The project manager from Wilco Source said they would work to make us successful – they did.

Serving Customers and Preparing for the Future

We needed to update our customer relationship management system. The existing system was more that twelve years old and simply wasn’t meeting our needs or our customer’s needs. We wanted to upgrade our processes at the same time we upgraded the system. This project was like a nine on a scale of ten in importance.

Our primary challenge was that we did not have the internal resources to do the work.

We picked Wilco Source to help us. Initially, we were somewhat concerned about picking a company that uses off shore resources. That turned out to not be an issue at all.

Wilco source exceeded our expectations. They delivered what they promised. They put a project lead in place that was our single point of contact. We spoke with that person every day. That worked very well. When we had an issue, we only had to ask once about it. Wilco Source delivered. I had a developer on my team who started off skeptical, now he has completely turned around.

The solution is producing the business result we sought – for us and for our customers. When a customer calls, we now know everything we need to know, right away, to meet their needs.

Meeting the Needs of A Critical Client

We needed to transition service for a critical customer from one location to another. We needed make the transition in 90 days and improve the process at the same time. This commitment to upgrading service was for a very important customer. We were committed to seamlessly meeting that customer’s needs.

Ninety days was obviously a very short period of time to accomplish the project goals. We knew that would be a challenge. Could we implement the solution in the tight timeframes? We needed to meet both the business and the technical goals.

We selected Wilco Source for three reasons:

  • They knew our industry;
  • They knew the Salesforce platform; and
  • They could scale resources quickly to meet our needs.

The Wilco Source team integrated seamlessly with our team. Wilco Source had a can-do attitude. Together we met the difficult goal of achieving the stretch objective. Together we kept control of the project scope. We worked together as one.

We met our launch date. We met our goal of improving the processes. We improved service for one of our most important customers. We anticipate we will be working with Wilco source in the future.