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Technical Insights

We share what we learn.

Our technical blog shares insights we have gained through our project work with clients. We hope the knowledge we share will be useful to you. Please add your insights in the comments section of our blog entries so we optimize the value of the knowledge for others.

Outcome Insights

We offer the following model for project leaders to use at the beginning of a project. The model helps a leader assess the likelihood of leadership success, project management success, customer adoption (where appropriate) and employee adoption. We make a course available to our clients teaching how to use the model effectively. After a disciplined process of seeking the perspective of others on the organization’s readiness to achieve the business outcomes, a project leader affirms how certain he or she is that statements in the model will be true. We then offer a process for addressing risks that might impact business success.


Please contact us if you would like to take the course we have developed.