Microsoft Practice

Microsoft Based Outcomes:

There are times when an organization needs to create its own application solution to effectively meet a business need. Perhaps the decision is driven by performance requirements, the functionality of the application, the business domain, or the legacy systems that the application needs to interface with. Wilco Source has the skills and knowledge to use technologies like the Microsoft .net Framework, Microsoft Azure, and SQL Server to develop high performance applications that run natively on Windows, IOS and Android. We help customer teams transform operations including finance, production, service, customer relationship management, supply chain and human capital. When you need the performance and elegance of a custom solution we can help you succeed.

One such example was a situation where a company was using a twelve year old system to provide a medical need related service. The system was no longer meeting the company’s or customers’ needs. In this case, a custom solution, created from scratch, best enabled the company to upgrade its processes and service. The custom application enables the company to know everything they need to know about the customer right away and meet that customer’s needs. The Wilco Source team was a critical component in achieving this business outcome.

Our Services Include:

  • Architecture development, independent review of architecture
  • Program and project management
  • Agile project management based disciplines
  • Business process redesign
  • Solution development using Microsoft products and solutions
  • Implementation of reporting solutions and process management
  • Independent review of application performance, security and controls