Wilco Source Mobile Application Practice

Mobile applications are increasingly critical to a company’s technical application portfolio. Whether for staff or customers, mobile applications must;

  • Enable the user to accomplish his or her objective effectively and efficiently;
  • Provide a pleasing intuitive user experience; and
  • Run efficiently.

In building and deploying mobile applications, a company is immediately faced with determining the appropriate application architecture. Should the application be designed to run at the device level operating system “Native” , be based on Web technologies, or a Hybrid of the two. The architecture choice impacts all aspects of development, deployment and the user experience of the end product.

Wilco Source has deep expertise in helping clients determine the right mobile application architecture to meet their unique needs. Wilco source has the experience and skilled resources to help clients build and deploy mobile applications. We have deep experience in designing and building hybrid mobile applications which often represent the best trade off from an architectural perspective.

For people interested in a matrix explaining the differences between Native, Web, and Hybrid architectures, click here to go to a table in the resource section of our web site.