People Matter: Clients

Client Culture

Every company has written and unwritten rules that govern people’s behavior. A company’s success hinges on leveraging the culture and changing it when it is essential to do so. Changing a culture always requires deep commitment and persistence.

Formal rules, for example, involve espoused values, setting performance goals, performance feedback, incentives and disincentives. Informal rules, for example, involve how information is passed, the influence of informal leaders and knowing which formal rules don’t matter in practice.

Wilco Source leverages company cultures in the following ways:

  • We help assess how the company culture will impact the success of a project.
  • We leverage the best attributes of the company culture in process and technology design and implementation.
  • We leverage both the written and unwritten rules in our work.
  • As a team, we behave consistently with espoused company values.
  • We support changing a culture when it is essential to do so to achieve critical business outcomes.

Client Leaders

A company’s success hinges on the success of its leaders. Leaders who are believable, leaders who can be trusted and  leaders who help others meet their goals.

We support leaders through the following services:

  • We help assess what is required for out client’s success
  • We develop leadership plans and roadmaps
  • We partner fully with our client leaders to support their success
  • We support risk assessment and risk mitigation services

Client Staff

A company’s success hinges on the success of its staff. Staff who feel valued, staff who feel they are supported and staff’s commitment is essential for success.

We support staff through the following actions and services:

  • We always treat client staff with civility and respect
  • We always listen carefully to staff perspectives and input
  • We support designing and implementing effective dialogue practices (obtaining and acknowledging feedback
  • We support communication planning and delivery
  • We provide training design, development and delivery