Results Matter

Wilco Source Value

Business leadership is more challenging than ever. The pace of change required to compete continues to accelerate. Our clients face pressing and urgent challenges to better market to, sell to and provide service to their potential and existing customers. Whether it is an older solution that is no longer adequate, the need to be more efficient, or a very important customer that expects improved service, the pressure to improve operations is intense. The pressure to achieve change rapidly is a given. The ability to succeed depends on the ability to develop and deploy the technology.

The challenge faced by business leaders we partner with is made complex by three reality factors. First, every organization we work with is resource constrained, no one has underutilized talent. Second, no solution is an island unto itself. The solution relies on data. The solution relies on connections with existing systems. Third, the ability to make transformative differences in performance rapidly requires a level of collaboration between business and information technology staff, and across functional lines, that is hard to establish and difficult to sustain.

We formed Wilco Source with the mission to become a trusted and valued partner that helps our clients achieve the business outcomes that are critical to their future success. We become a seamless, integrated extension of the talent that exists within our client’s organizations. We fill gaps. We extend capabilities. We share the same goal as our client with the same level of commitment to success.

What Our Clients Seek

We find that our clients have common needs. The following attributes in a partner are important to their success.

  • Clients need quality resources with specific knowledge and skills. They need those resources to be available at the right time on a project. They need those resources to integrate smoothly with the entire project team.
  • Clients need partners that can help them achieve results rapidly. Almost every project has stretch goals. The methods, the tools, the capacity for rapid results are critical for most projects to meet the business goals that are driving the work.
  • Clients need partners that can help them strike the right balance between platforms like Salesforce versus extensive customization. The most effective solutions balance the design correctly.
  • Clients need partners who can effectively work with both business leaders and staff and information technology leaders and staff. These can seem like two worlds with differing priorities and different cultures.
  • Clients need partners who can support the data and systems integration that is required to achieve the business outcomes required. The complexities these challenges provide can be the most vexing on a project.
  • Clients need partners that can help them address the operational challenges of a business transformation. Getting started with the right actions can make all the difference. Sustaining momentum during development is critical. Achieving robust adoption and sustaining performance is essential.
  • Clients need partners that stay current with critical technologies and best business practices. Solutions need to be platforms for continual improvement, not create barriers to success in the future.
  • Perhaps most importantly, clients need partners that keep their commitments. Predictability is critical. Required outcomes are seldom met when deadlines for implementation are missed or costs soar beyond initial budgets for the agreed upon scope of work.

How We Partner

There is an older model of the consultant client relationship that is one of two organizations with fixed boundaries, working in collaboration based on a contractual relationship. That model fitted a time and place with certain technologies, methodologies and timeframes for project completion. The world is messier now. The pace of change is faster. The need for organizations to move quickly is greater. Wilco source is based on the premise that clients need partners who dynamically integrate into a team in such a way to extend the organization’s capacity to perform. The available breadth of knowledge and skills made available to our clients fill gaps, extends capability and enriches the stretch outcomes our clients achieve.